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Do you like to travel? Then this is the game for you. You and your opponents will challenge each other to see who will be the first to visit all 20 U.S. cities in this family friendly and educational board game.

First, choose your home city and start flying around the country. You will earn frequent flyer miles for completing each flight. The longer the flight, the more miles you earn. Use your miles to choose your next destination or to upgrade to first class for a better flying experience.

Frequent FlyerTM is a game of strategy. Save your frequent flyer miles or use them? Stay on the west coast or travel back to the east coast? Upgrade to first class or stay in coach?

The first player to visit all 20 U.S. cities and return to their home city will be the winner.

Good luck and safe travels!

6 reviews for Frequent Flyer Board Game

  1. Amy

    A fun game that sneaks in some math skills…Great for the whole family – our 9 and 11 year olds love to play with us!

  2. Greg

    Ideal game for game nights with friends. It’s like catching the travel bug, the more you play, the more addicting it becomes!

  3. Dan

    Great, fun game for the whole family! Easy to learn, and lots of unexpected twists and turns—but with a healthy dose of strategy and planning as well.

  4. Josh M.

    Frequent Flyer is a great game. My whole family enjoyed it. It’s lots of fun, and it touches on an experience that we all can relate to — the excitement and, yes, the ups and downs of flying. If you and your family enjoy trying clever new board games (as we do), then you’ll like Frequent Flyer. Safe travels.

  5. Alex Strauss

    Really fun! Lots of laughs. Great family game.

  6. Greg W.

    Super fun. Very clever game. The excitement of travelling by plane to different destinations. Cool strategy game in a fun air travel theme.

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